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Professor Bernard Haylen is a Certified Urogynaecologist from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

He accepts referrals from women with symptoms of bladder dysfunction (most commonly urinary incontinence), uterine and vaginal prolapse and other pelvic floor problems, as well as general gynaecological issues such as menstrual disorders or uterine fibroids.

Professor Haylen commenced practice at St Vincent’s in Darlinghurst, NSW in 1989 following his graduation at the University of Liverpool, U.K. as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), his thesis entitled “Screening for voiding difficulty in women” having been successful.

He has over 34 years subsequent experience in the field of urogynaecology seeing around 750 new referrals per year for women with pelvic floor problems.

In 2020, Professor Haylen was admitted to the International Continence Society Hall of Fame (third recipient of this honour).
Professor Haylen is first author on the Chapter on the “Female Reproductive System” in the 34th Edition of Gray’s Anatomy (2023). He is the sole author of an electronically attached Commentary, also for the same book, on “Anatomical Considerations for the Development of Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse”.


Consulting & Urodynamic Clinics in Darlinghurst and North Sydney

Professor Haylen has full Consulting and Urodynamic clinics at St Vincent’s Clinic (Monday, Tuesday) and the Mater Clinic (Friday). He operates privately at St Vincent’s Clinic, St Vincent’s Private and the Mater Hospitals.

His surgical activity in 2018 (870 major and 1030 minor procedures) is outlined in the section Surgery. He introduced the main surgical procedure for stress urinary incontinence, the Tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) at the Mater Hospital in August 1998. He has performed around 5000 TVTs, probably the largest series in the country and one of the largest worldwide. He would perform between 250 and 300 vaginal repairs for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) each year.

Professor Haylen is a Conjoint Professor at the University of New South Wales. He is a past Chairman of the Department of Gynaecology at St Vincent’s Private Hospital (1998-2010) as well as a past Chairman of the Medical Staff Council at St Vincent’s Private Hospital (2005-2008). He is a Fellow of the RANZCOG (1987) and the RCOG (1999).

Professor Haylen is a member of the International Urogynecological Association, serving on its International Board from 2000-2004 and presiding as Chairman (2009-2014) of the Standardization and Terminology Committee. He has been a member of the International Continence Society since 1987. From September 2016 to September 2020, he was Chair, Standardization Steering Committee, International Continence Society (ICS).

Professor Haylen is the author of over 130 articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as numerous other publications. He has over 12000 citations in the literature. In addition to his presentations at international meetings such as IUGA and ICS, he is a regular speaker at RANZCOG/ UGSA, general practice and pelvic floor meetings. He is extensively involved in research and publication. He is most well-known for his many papers on the subject of “Voiding Difficulty in Women” and his joint IUGA-ICS Terminology Reports. His Liverpool Nomograms for urine flow rates in men and women are a worldwide standard. His other research interests include native tissue pelvic floor anatomy and surgery, ultrasound in urogynaecology, recurrent urinary tract infections and the retroverted uterus.

He has collaborated with anatomy colleague A/Prof Dzung Vu over 15 years, producing 13 anatomical papers with the last being the Chapter on the “Female Reproductive System” in the 43rd Edition of Gray’s Anatomy (2023).

Under the auspices of the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA) and the International Continence Society (ICS), Professor Haylen was the first author on the (1) Terminology for Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – 2010, 5097 citations, the most quoted paper in urogynaecology. He is also the first author of the next two most quoted papers in urogynecology: (2) A terminology and classification of complications directly related to the insertion of prostheses (meshes, tapes and implants) and grafts in female pelvic floor surgery – 2011 (760 citations); and (3) Terminology for Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse – 2016 (1251 citations). He is the co-first author on the Terminology for Adult Male Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – 2019 (527citations).

He has been instrumental in initiating 6 other Joint IUGA-ICS Terminology Reports, two as the first author. He has initiated another 8 ICS Terminology Reports as Chair of that Society’s Standardization Committee, many related to male terminology.

Professor Haylen has an ongoing role, supervising all Terminology worldwide for Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in both men and women. He is the founder (launched in February 2019) and ongoing Editor of the International Continence Society (ICS) Glossary (google). He has uploaded all 2068 terms to date along with their descriptors/ definitions, categories, reference documents and relevant explanatory notes. This provides a wonderful online facility for all clinicians and researchers in these fields. Of the 25 reference ICS and IUGA/ICS standardization documents on that site, Professor Haylen initiated 14 (56%), was an author on 15 (60%) and first author on 6 (24%).


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