Final Discussion

For women who are referred to Professor Bernard Haylen, there is a final discussion before surgery and repair. Depending on the referral, this will be a comprehensive outline of the symptoms, diagnoses and treatment. To make an appointment, get in touch or book online today.

There are two main parts to the final discussion for those women referred for

  1. Assessment Only:
    1.  Outlining Those Diagnoses Present
    2.  Outlining Each Diagnoses’ Severity
  2. For Those Women Referred for Assessment & Management there Will Be Two Additional Parts:
    1. Which Diagnoses Are the Priority?
    2.  Treatment Programme for All Diagnoses.

    These are described in the main diagnoses section. All will be explained.

Severity of Conditions

It is a comfort for many women to know that there is a real basis behind the symptoms they have been experiencing, at times for years. It is helpful to learn how severe are the problems revealed in the assessment. How bothersome the problems are to each woman will give a guide to the possible treatments.

Which Diagnoses are the Priority?

If multiple conditions are present, it takes careful discussion with the benefit of extensive experience to prioritise management.

Treatment Programme for All Diagnoses

Conservative or surgical modalities might be employed for single conditions. For multiple conditions, there might be short and medium-term initiatives.


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