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A General Practitioner can give you a referral for Professor Bernard Haylen if you are experiencing adverse urogynaecological symptoms. This is common when the diagnosis is uncertain, the symptoms are prolonged, conservative measures were not taken and there is treatment required. If you think you need a referral, feel free to get in contact with us today.


  1. Diagnosis Uncertain
    This will often be the case as women present with multiple symptoms suggestive of a number of possible diagnoses. Only a full assessment can determine which diagnoses are present.
  2. Symptoms Prolonged, or Moderate to Severe
    Many women in these circumstances will want a clear diagnosis for their problems.
  3. Failure of Initial (conservative) Measures.
    A full assessment is desirable before any other initiatives are tried.
  4. Definitive Treatment Required
    More invasive treatments, or ones with possible side effects, are likely to be indicated, including:

    1. Surgery for urodynamic stress incontinence.
    2. Anticholinergic medication for the overactive bladder.


See Practice Addresses or Referral Slips below for each clinic (pads Available on Request)

Referral Slips
Please Click Here to open a PDF of a referral slip for the St Vincent’s Clinic.
Please Click Here to open a PDF of a referral slip for the Mater Urodynamic Centre (Mater Clinic).
These can be printed for immediate use.


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